About Us

Established in 2011,Guangzhou Aier Slow Rebound Foam Earplug Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer with the factory & head office located in Guangzhou. Aier is specialized in developing ranges of earplugs. Main products include slow rebound memory foam ear tips, noise reduction earplugs.OEM is welcome.
Since the establishment of our company, we have a perfect service and management system including development, production, sale and service. Our company technical force is abundant, product variety is complete and quality is good. We strictly carry out ISO9001:2000 Quality Standard System. Our products are widely used in consumer electronic industries, aerospace, sleeping, noise prevention, safety, etc. We have been insisting on the principle of "excellent quality, perfect performance, reliable reputations". "The user is supreme" is the spirit of enterprise. "Fair price, not return and 100% delivery on time" is our goal.



  • How To Use Earplugs How To Use Earplugs

    Rubbing fine: the earplug rubbing growth strip, rubbing the more detailed the more easy to wear. Plug in: Pull up the upper ear and plug the two-thirds of the earplug into the ear canal.

  • Earplugs Classification Earplugs Classification

    Silicone earplugs: In general, silicone earplugs are made with reusable performance, but also because of the softness of silicone too low

  • Anti-noise Earplugs Anti-noise Earplugs

    Anti-noise earplugs (noise earplugs) are generally made of silicone or low-pressure foam material, high elastic polyester material.

  • What Is The Earplugs What Is The Earplugs

    An earplug can refer to an audio product, a headphone, which is a small receiver commonly used in radios and hearing aids. Can also be plugged in the ears, used to prevent noise, ear protection of daily necessities.