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Headphone family attention protection hearing
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Nowadays, listening to songs with MP3 or mobile phones has become a popular among young people. On the bus, in the subway, on the street, ... any corner where people come and go, you can see fashionable men and women wearing various kinds of ordinary headphones to listen to music. However, as everyone knows, while we are immersed in the world of music, our ears are undergoing severe "tests." The hearing will soon decline!

In the environment of subways and buses, the volume is not determined by the sense of hearing but by the noise. If the ambient noise is 80 decibels, then in this environment, it will take 100 decibels to enjoy the music. Especially in the subway, itself is a relatively closed environment. Noise can exert some pressure on people's ears, and then they wear ordinary headphones tightly pressed in their ears. Listening to music in such an environment must be pushed up greatly. Volume can enjoy music, high volume audio sound pressure directly into the ear, concentrated transmission to a thin eardrum, continuous impact on the eardrum, it will cause a lot of hair cell damage, great harm to hearing and physical and mental health