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Listening to headphones for a long time can affect hearing
- Apr 20, 2018 -

It is understood that when the volume heard by the human ear exceeds 85 decibels, a long period of time can cause hearing fatigue; when the volume is as high as 110 decibels or more, it is enough to cause hair cells in the body's ear to die. The volume output of headphones is generally around 84 decibels, and some high-frequency ranges can reach 120 decibels. Excessive sound and long listening time can affect the auditory nerves, cause excitotoxicity, and autonomic dysfunction. In addition to tinnitus, severe cases can lead to anorexia, insomnia and other symptoms, and severe permanent deafness can occur. Neurasthenia. In all the noise, pulsed noise, like the sound coming out of the MP3, has the greatest damage to hearing.