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The use of ear plugs hidden attention
- Apr 20, 2018 -

The use of earplugs may cause cerumen to be pushed into the middle ear while the earplug is inserted into the ear canal, which can cause tinnitus, diminish hearing, pain or bacterial infection. Users with excessive cerumen should use earplugs more carefully, and earplugs should often be washed with water and mild soap. However, foam-type earbuds are generally disposable and can lose their slow-rebound properties after soaking them in water.

In addition, anti-noise earplugs may also be a trigger for otitis, because in warm, moist environments, many bacteria multiply even more.

However, the use of anti-noise earplugs is generally safe, but some potential hazards that may arise from long-term use must be prevented:

Inserting an earplug can cause the pressure in the middle ear to rise and push it toward the eardrum to cause pain because the earplug is inserted too deeply. To avoid this danger, first squeeze the earplug into the ideal position, and when the earplug is fully inflated, it is better not to push in. And vice versa, in order to prevent the ear drum from being squeezed when pulling out the earplug, the earplug should be slowly unscrewed and not pulled out.