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Wearing ear plugs to protect hearing
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Researchers at the University of Washington and Columbia University in the United States have found that the level of noise generated by urban public transportation is sufficient to cause hearing impairment, and the damage is permanent. It is estimated that there are about 30 million people worldwide whose hearing is damaged by noise.

Scientists measured the noise level of the New York public transport system and found that in transportation, the subway reached 80.4 decibels, and the light rails also had 79.4 decibels; the stations were noisier, the metro platforms reached 102.1 decibels, and the bus stations reached 101.6 decibels. The overall situation is: the outside of the car is higher than the inside of the car, the large station is above the small station, and the underground is above the ground.

Dr. Geerxiong of Columbia University stated that on a noisy platform, staying 2 minutes a day would be sufficient to reduce the hearing loss of the waiting passengers. According to Naze of the University of Washington, long-term exposure to a less noisy environment will cause chronic damage, and if the noise level increases by a little, the risk of damage will increase significantly. For example, the risk of 95 decibels is 10 times that of 85 decibels and 75 decibels. At 100 times, "As long as your acuity is lowered by 10 dB, your ability to hear others' speech will be greatly reduced."

The US Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization recommend that the average noise level 24 hours a day should be below 70 decibels, which will generally not affect hearing. Gerchon said that in addition to hearing impairment, excessive noise is also associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, endocrine disorders, sleep disorders, and even children's learning ability.

Therefore, scientists recommend strengthening personal protection. Earphones that listen to music not only do not reduce noise, but also increase because people increase the volume of the MP3 to overwhelm the surrounding noise. Various kinds of anti-noise earplugs and earmuffs can effectively reduce the noise level to a safe range. It is recommended that you wear it when you are away from the bus.